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DRA 2020

DRA 2020 (Beta) is ready for you to try. Here are some highlights:

  • Built on all new technology: React framework, JavaScript, Material UI.
  • Works on all major browsers.
  • All your maps are always up-to-date in the cloud.
  • More than one person can edit a map simultaneously.
  • You can share and publish maps.

DRA 2020 has all of the 2010 Census data with 2008 presidential data that DRA has and 2012/2016 PVI data for states with more than 1 CD (except IA, UT and VA).  It also has 2016 American Community Survey data (Census estimates) with 2008 presidential data. A couple of states have 2016 presidential data.

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Dave Bradlee, Terry Crowley, Mike Mathieu, Alec Ramsay