Dave's Redistricting 2020

What's New (5/5/2019)

Adjust now has a check box mode that allows map labels (district or county names) to be moved and resized. Label sizes default to be relative to the bounding box size. Labels always scale with zoom. To adjust a label:

  • Click the Adjust Labels check box.
  • Move a label by dragging it.
  • Left-click on label to make it smaller; Right-click to make it larger.

Label size and position adjustments and hover panel placement adjustment are saved with the map.

What's New (4/13/2019)

Show/Adjust/Check control added to top bar. Each displays different controls in the top bar.

  • Show has the show colors check boxes.
  • Adjust allows you to adjust the position of the data panel shown when you hover over the map.
  • Check has the Find Unassigned and Find Non-cohesive controls.

You can customize the district data panel and hover data panel with the Edit control on the district data panel.

Double-click on the map now toggles Color Mode.

Tooltip text is larger.